Helping TIC Owners Maximize the Value of their Assets


Sperry Van Ness/First Guardian Group (FGG) is a leading firm managing Tenant in Common (TIC) owned properties nationwide with more than 10 years experience. FGG has an exceptionally strong team comprised of seasoned professionals with significant real estate sales, leasing, investing, and asset and property management experience. The firm’s clients and partners include domestic and international institutions as well as private real estate owners. We are dedicated to providing our clients with creative solutions to meet their complete range of real estate needs.

Since over $300 Billion of Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities loans are coming due in next three years, including those on most TIC owned properties, TIC owners are now seeking out assistance with exit options, including sale and/or refinancing, to maximize the value of their invested equity. FGG is uniquely positioned to help TIC owners and offers a complete range of services as outlined below.


Selling TIC owned properties requires very special skills in a variety of areas beside the normal brokerage skills. Challenges are numerous, including getting all TIC owners to agree on sales terms, buying out dissenting co-owners, convincing skeptical buyers that TIC owners will not block sales, completing voluminous paperwork on time, etc. FGG has built a solid track record of working through all these issues resulting in one of the highest close ratios in the industry. FGG also uniquely shares commissions with all other brokers and is able to attract many more offers to maximize purchase offers. Learn More


The role of the Asset Manager is to interact closely with all TIC Co-Owners and the lender to develop and execute management strategies, facilitate group decision making, and provide clear and transparent reporting that meets the needs of all Owners and the lender. As Asset Manager, FGG will interact with TIC Owners and the lender regardless of their location primarily through email, conference calls, on-site visits (as needed), and frequent reporting which will be archived in a secure repository for access on a protected password basis. Learn More


Many TIC owners are experiencing a loss of credibility in their current Asset Managers. Failing property performance, cessation of distributions, above market fees, and suspicions of mismanaging funds are among the reasons that owners seek out new management firms. Owners often face serious challenges in removing incumbent managers however including: roadblocks in obtaining contact information for other owners, contract language that often makes it very difficult to terminate agreements, gaining lender approvals for successor managers, etc. Learn More


We assist investors seeking high yield tax advantaged investments that may be suitable for 1031 exchanges. We offer a wide range of opportunities including direct ownership properties as well as those that can offer lower cost fractional ownership with monthly income. LEARN MORE.


Most TIC owned properties are financed with Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) loans. These loans are very different in their structure as compared to traditional loans and often have very high prepayment penalties as well high restructuring costs. Learn More


FGG provides specialized consulting services including coordinating legal and accounting specialists to assist TIC owners. We have recently added a forensic accounting capability to assist owners to determine if there has been past mismanagement of funds. Learn More


Sperry Van Ness/First Guardian Group is dedicated to each client’s interests with our thorough understanding of local real estate markets and trends. We represent a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 Companies, financial firms (private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, mutual funds, and family offices), and technology companies with specialized use needs, retailers, restaurant chains, non-profit institutions, and high net worth real estate investors. Our leasing services include both landlord and tenant representation. Learn More


We offer expert funding solutions for all types of commercial real estate including office, retail, multifamily, hotel, and development. Our financing specialists provide you with the underwriting expertise required by today’s tougher lending standards. We are here to help you explore your best options for commercial financing. We provide several direct, highly competitive commercial real estate loan products for qualified properties with commercial mortgages from $500,000 to $100 million plus. Learn More


Sperry Van Ness /First Guardian Group understand the importance of commercial real estate as an investment. Ownership of commercial real estate can provide several benefits including owner/user opportunities and income producing investment properties. Today’s market also provides unique opportunities to reposition distressed assets that often are acquired below replacement cost. Learn More