Helping TIC Owners Maximize the Value of their Assets


Sperry Van Ness/First Guardian Group offers a very comprehensive range of retail property services from the ground up development to income-producing centers for diverse investors ranging from single investors to institutional investors worldwide. Whether leasing shopping centers, selling land, or representing tenants and developers in finding their next location, this highly experienced team brings professionalism, market knowledge, and hard work to every assignment. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools, such as aerial photography, demographic software, and a property database covering retail buildings throughout the area, our retail specialists adds value to your real estate process.

For Owners

Our specialists provide advanced and accurate local market intelligence, enabling our clients to maximize the value of their property. Our marketing efforts are aimed at helping achieve maximum occupancy levels and a strong tenant mix.

For Tenants

Backed by industry-leading research and the expertise required to interpret it, we provide critical services including key market identification, store placement strategy, customer profiles, deal validation, and market potential reports. Our specialists are adept at finding suitable locations with attractive rental rates that can meet specialized client requirements.

Our team also possesses significant expertise in the marketing and leasing of ethic retail centers including Asian, Indian, and Hispanic.

Each of our specialists brings their unique background and track record to the assignment. Our highly trained professionals can handle all facets of retail real estate, both locally and nationally.

Other critical services we provide institutional and private equity owners are described in our management services, financial services, and investor services division web pages.

Services include:

  • Brokerage and Transaction Management
  • Property Management
  • Development Services
  • Project and Construction Management
  • Financial Services Including Sourcing Attractive Financing Options